Servo Voltage Stabilizer
Offered Servo Voltage Stabilizers make the use of a modern electronic controlled servo motor construct so as to regulate a motored variable transformer. Due to the motors involved, there is a little time lag in voltage correction. This electrical appliance is used to supply constant voltage current to various electrical appliances such as ACs & computers and provide protection to them from possible damage grounded by voltage fluctuations.
Outdoor Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers
Provided Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers are proffered with simplex construction as well as operational generalization. Insuring reduced distortion in the undulation of output, these make the utilization of analog electronic circuits and obviate the use programmed chip or controller. These are useful to give protection to the equipments, which go through under voltage, over voltage and several other voltage rates of flow.

Electronic Voltage Stabilizer
Provided Electronic Voltage Stabilizers are preferable for giving protection to costly as well as precious electrical equipments from the harmful low & high voltage undulations. The electrical equipments, which can be protected via the utilization of these stabilizers are industrial machines, air conditioners, medical apparatus, offset printing machines, laboratory equipments, etc.
Offered Transformers are the electrical devices, which are specifically employed to convey the electrical energy between two or more circuits via the utilization of electromagnetic induction. The varied current in one coil of the these, make a varied magnetic field, which in turn generates voltage in the second coil. Basically, these are utilized to increase the voltage before transferring electrical energy over drawn-out distances.
Isolation Transformers
Provided Isolation Transformers are the transformers specifically employed to convey electrical power from the alternating currents' source to various equipment or devices while separating the power-driven instrumentality from the power source, commonly for safety purpose. Providing galvanic isolation, these are highly function for giving protection against electric shocks as well as to inhibit the electrical noise in sensitive devices.
Distribution Transformers
Offered Distribution Transformers are the transformers, which provide the final voltage transmutation in an electric power distribution system, reducing the electromotive force utilized in the distribution lines. These are usually placed at a service drop, where wires function from the underground power lines or a utility pole. These are often utilized for the power provision of outside colonies, such as farmyards, isolated houses, etc.
Digital Voltage Stabilizer
We are offering finest quality digital voltage stabilizers that are used with all types of electrical and electronic appliances such as computers, refrigerators, television sets, washing machine, water coolers, printers, computers, fax machines, microwave ovens and many others.

"We are accepting orders of 30 KVA and above capacity."
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