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Outdoor Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers

The Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers employ the motors driven via variable auto transformers as well as buck\boost transformers, which have their connection between the load and next phase supply. These electrical appliances are peculiarly designed to deliver a constant voltage to the load so that output terminals can bring uninterrupted power irrespective of the alterations in the input. The stabilizers in this way give protection to the equipments or machines against under voltage, over voltage and various other voltage flows. Unlike other ordinary stabilizers, the Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers have an error amplifier so as to give an error voltage.


1) Easy construction as well as operating principle: Having simple construction and electronic sensing circuit, these are provided with an uncomplicated operating principle.
2) Reduced distortion in the waveform of output: As the number of relays are to a lesser extent, the deformation in the output is decreased considerably.
3) Utilization of analog electronic circuit: The electronic circuit utilized in the control circuit of the these products is an analog one and thus don't involve any programmed chip or controller.
4) Appropriate for large loads: Appropriate for large loads at the output as these  large power as well as current handling capacities, if compared with other stabilizers.

Single Phase SCVS Air Cooled

  • Provision of output over / under voltage cut-off.
  • Provided with output start as well as stop facility.
  • Available with fully micro control utility.
  • Provided with common control cards with any capacity.
  • Provision of input over voltage / under voltage cut-off.

Single Phase SCVS Outdoor

  • Accessibility of input over voltage as well as under voltage cut-off.
  • Availability of output over as well as under voltage cut-off.
  • Featured with isolated motor driven controls, hand-operated and automated start provision.
  • Accessible with fully micro control functionality.
  • Rendered with output start as well as stop provision.

Three Phase Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizer Outdoor

  • Adaptable setting of O/P Voltage is offered for users.
  • Provide absolutely stable output even under the intense conditions of imbalanced voltage.
  • Auto restart time pause, offered with total accuracy and safety.
  • Suitable to proffer protection to the electrical & electronic equipments from the low & high voltage.

3 Phase Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizer Outdoor

  • Fast response time, and high-efficiency above 97%.
  • Balanced and constant output voltage.
  • Excellent regulation, and controlled system.
  • Quick, accurate and steady correction of voltage.

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