Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Hindustan Power Products (P) Ltd., a 1979 established and ISO 9001:2008 certified company brings to the market Air Cooled Stabilizers. This kind of Servo Voltage Stabilizer is designed for instant response, quick corrections and low operating cost. The further segregation of air cooled stabilizer is done through the input voltage range. We make available this device in range brackets, including:
  • 340 to 460 Volts
  • 320 to 460 Volts
  • 300 to 460 Volts
  • 280 to 460 Volts
  • 260 to 460 Volts
  • 240 to 460 Volts
Voltage stabilizer was designed to solve the arising issue of damage to electronic components by voltage variations. This device still is used in every home, office, shop and factory, to safeguard the equipment and appliances.

Customers can avail from us both, indoor and outdoor models of air cooled stabilizer in manual and automatic start facility. This kind of servo voltage stabilizer doesn't need any potentiometer adjustments. This stabilizer can protect against single phasing, phase reversal, output electronic over load, input short circuit, output high voltage, etc.

When it comes to buying Oil Cooled Stabilizer to protect your computer, printing machine, xerox machine, water treatment plant, food processing equipment, office appliances, medical instrument, or any other machine or equipment, trust Hindustan Power Products (P) Ltd.. Our 1979 established company offers this kind of Servo Voltage Stabilizer, along with Air Cooled Stabilizer. Oil Cooled Stabilizers offered are segregated into many input voltage ranges, including 340 to 460 Volts, 320 to 460 Volts, 300 to 460 Volts, 280 to 460 Volts, 260 to 460 Volts and 240 to 460 Volts. This kind of stabilizer protects against input and output low voltage, input and output high voltage and electronic overload. People must install oil cooled stabilizer in their homes, shops, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, institutes, and wherever electrical and electronic systems are used. This device will continually provide stable output, even under unbalanced voltage conditions. Customers can contact us to know about technical specifications of each of oil cooled stabilizer, for instance:
  • Mode of system
  • Output voltage
  • Operating frequency
  • Correction rate
  • Insulation
  • Normal operation temperature

"We are accepting orders of 30 KVA and above capacity."
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